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What is FL CODE?

The mission of Florida CODE is to provide a modern data infrastructure to greatly simplify the integration and use of education data at all levels (district, school and classroom). The Florida Collaborative on Operational Data for Educators (CODE) was founded to make multiple sources of attendance, discipline, grades, and assessment data available for all educators in one location. Each district within Florida CODE is provided with modified versions of the Ed-Fi operational data store and dashboards that have been customized to store and report Florida data. The system is based upon the widely adopted CEDS-aligned Ed-Fi Data Standard. Technology components of the Ed-Fi implementation Suite build from the Data Standard and incorporate community input and field-tested solutions to provide technology that is already developed and freely available to the ed tech sector. This enables education agencies to connect and maintain secure data systems more easily and cost effectively.  

Members of the Collaborative

Baker, Dixie, DeSoto, Flagler, The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Pasco, PK Yonge, Putnam, and Union

Board of Directors

Cali Stringer, FLDOE

John W. Simon Jr., Pasco

Rick Rozelle, CELT

Tonya Whitehurst, Putnam

Dr. Shane Jay Fairbairn (Chairman), NEFEC



Daniel Hornsby, NEFEC


Margo Arbuckle, NEFEC


Christi Sadler, NEFEC

Subject Matter Expert

Sherod Keen, NEFEC

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